Key Factors To Achieve High Google Ranking

If you want to achieve the high Google Ranking of your website then this article is for you. In this article the key factors, affecting Google ranking are discussed. I have extracted for you the top 10 factors I think you should address, and I have ordered them for you by importance.

Keyword in URL and domain name

Nonetheless many traditional search engine marketers experts have been very reluctant in admitting and acknowledging this factor, it is almost self-evident that it does have tangible influence in boosting relevance in Google search engine results. Keywords in URL indicate that relevant keywords are used in the actual file name of the page published. The same applies to the overall domain name of the site. The more "tuned" to the effective content it provides, the better.

Keyword in title tag

Page title remains one of the highest ranking factors. Nothing new under the sun, but do pay attention to how you build your titles in order to make this truly effective.

Freshness of Pages

Google likes newer content.

Freshness - Amount of Content Change

Do you have a lot of old content and only a few new pages appearing every now and then or do you have lots of new content coming out constantly with a balanced number of aging pages? Google likes the latter.

Frequency of Updates

The more frequently you update and change your content (up to a limit - then it turns into a negative factor) the better it is. Though this is my own speculation, I would expect news sites that update their home page multiple times per day (up to those who do it every hour) to be the best ranked.

Popularity ("backlinks")

This is the total number of web links pointing to your site from other ones. To measure yourself this go to Yahoo Search and type: or

Anchor text for inbound links

This is one of the most effective factors affecting your ranking inside Google page results. The key here is to have other sites link to you by using as anchor text to the link pointing to you, the specific keywords for which you want to increase reach and visibility. For example if I wanted this very site ( to get a boost in Google search results for queries relating to "communication tools", I would need to have a significant number of web sites linking to mine while using the words "communication tools" as the text link.

User behavior

(bookmark, time spent, how they left) Google is likely able to track individual behavior on many sites for several millions Internet users. Based on this statistical data, Google would consider bookmarking of the site by visitors, time spent on the site, method of leaving the site and several other ones as relevant factors in evaluating site credibility.

Give it time

As Google gives critical value to the "age" of your site (spammers don't generally last very long) in establishing its rank and "credibility", one good general rule is to give enough time for a site to establish itself. Those looking for fast and spectacular results may get easily disappointed, but if you work around some of the key points above in a systematic and consistent way, results do come indeed.

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