Getting Up And Running With The Help Of Small Business SEO

Developing targeted traffic from the main search engines is both the art along with the science of SEO.
The reality is, SEO for small business is actually a popular topic these days that’s on the radar of a increasing variety of small businesses.

Google Launches URL Shortener with SEO Impact to Public

Forget about Bi.tly or Tiny URL, Google’s new URL shortening service, has just been launched to the public. comes with its own site ( and some cool analytics.
For those that don’t know what a URL shorterner is, it’s a service that takes really long URLs like this:and shortens them to:

Five Google Webmaster Tweaks to Optimize Your Rankings

With the ever expanding feature set of Google’s Webmaster Tools, it’s easy to miss some of the more essential settings and tools that can help you achieve top rankings.
In this post, I’ll cover 5 tips which will give your site the best chance of ranking well.

Guide to Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 10 Tips

Getting your website listed in Search Engines (SE) can sometime be a monumental task in itself, here are my top ten tips to get you started.

1. Page Title
Forget using 'Welcome to my website' as your page title, if you really want to attract target media specify your keywords and list your product keywords separated by an | (hold Shift + backslash key) symbol (eg: Digital Cameras | Video Cameras) will boost the strength of your chosen keywords, in this case Digital and Video Cameras.

Who Are Google Instant's Golden Winners?

Google's new Instant real time search has sent massive shock waves through the online SEO and search engine market community.
If you're a webmaster or an online marketer you're probably checking your stats/traffic/conversion numbers like never before - Google sure knows how to make everyone dance!

Google Instant - Instantly Changing the Way We Search?

Google announced a new feature this morning named Google Instant that focuses on returning search results faster than ever. The already fast search engine just got faster by returning results as you type.

According to the product page it intends to bring:

Link Building – Finding the Right Site

Link building can be one of the most difficult parts of SEO, and unfortunately, it’s practically half of what SEO is about.
There are many different techniques to building good, quality links. I’m not going to talk about getting links naturally through link baiting, I want to talk about recognizing willing websites to request links from, and making those requests correctly.

How to Boost your SEO with Google Adwords

Many advertisers use Google AdWords as their major PPC network. However, in addition to using AdWords for getting paid traffic to your site, it can also be used for SEO. Here are some ideas how you can use AdWords for SEO.

Why majority of low cost SEO campaigns end in disappointments?

This article is meant for startups, small companies who are willing to put their Online Identity in the hands of low cost inexperienced freelance companies, promising miracle rise of their website’s ranking on major SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Addressing the Duplicate Content Issue
Time and again Google and the other search engines have explained the fact that they do understand that not all duplicate content is malicious.

Before inviting guests, get your Home Page right
Many mistakes can be avoided when designing your website but it takes more than a good eye to know what they are and how you can ensure that your Search Engine Optimization is fully effective.

Having a website that gets found in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. isn't hard to do, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are my latest and greatest tips to get you started:
  1. Do not purchase a new domain unless you have to. 

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