Why majority of low cost SEO campaigns end in disappointments?

This article is meant for startups, small companies who are willing to put their Online Identity in the hands of low cost inexperienced freelance companies, promising miracle rise of their website’s ranking on major SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

As a professional SEO services provider ourselves, we can exactly see-through and predict the fate of such SEO campaigns, where the customers purchase SEO services from inexperienced and unaccredited Freelance SEO providers in the fond hope of getting a great bargain for the stated price without understanding the underlying threats and issues that can seriously effect their online business Identity in the long terms.

 The following key issues will be clearly elaborated to help customers, before they subscribe to any SEO services provider.
  •  Cheap Black Hat Tactics/Unethical SEO Practices: What they are and how they affect your business in long terms?
  •  Mass Link Building:  What is mass Link building? Is it really right for you?
  •  Cheap SEO Software: How they work and how they effect in long terms?
  •  Pitfalls: How do you judge a genuine SEO provider?
  •  Organic SEO- the natural way/the way it is meant to be:  Why should you seek organic SEO as a long term marketing tool?
 If you come to know about all the above factors then not only you are going to save your hard earned money may be a small amount but also your online identity which is going to pay back you in long term. Now the choice is yours. What you really want?

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