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As a smart blogger, you need to optimize the effect of your traffic generating sources. These sources include social media sites, search engines and book marking sites. You can employ the use of these tools to get started. However, many fresh bloggers end up committing some common mistakes, which hampers their traffic generating efficiency.

Usually, people are not aware of requisite tactics for search engine optimization. With respect to blog optimization, they often fall a prey to certain loopholes. I would like to discuss these common SEO mistakes here. A proper knowledge of these mistakes will make you adept in SEO techniques and thus facilitate an easy uninterrupted traffic to your blog.
Negligence to search engine basics
This is probably the biggest blunder any blogger can make. SEO includes a set of guidelines to improve your search engine rankings. Thus, you must check out the proposed search engine’s quality and relative guidelines to boost your traffic building efficiency.
Lack of an effective keyword strategy
Very often, people misunderstand the essence of keywords. They end up targeting numerous keywords in their articles. Consequently, per head success of each keyword is considerably reduced. To avoid the same problem, you must devise an effective keyword strategy as per your blog structure. Use keywords that match in well with the actual topics and content you are looking for instead of using sheer representatives of the content. a good keyword strategy ensures a quick linking to your blog.
Neglecting the title tags (H1, H3,H4,H2)
This is another common error. You must not ignore HTML tags under any condition. These tags not only serve as optimization tools but also assist the reader in following the structure of the post and corresponding ideas. Use of strong keywords in the tags also helps in better directions for search engines, thereby enforcing relevancy.
Confining entire focus on single optimization element
Some people end up concentrating too much on limited aspects of optimization like optimizing the titles or the content, or the Meta tags.

This is where they restrict an uninterrupted search engine optimization. Whenever you have finalized your keywords, you must optimize your content, page title, subheading, Meta tags and links. Optimization is complete only when you include all aspects of the same. if your page is more consistent with respect to optimization, it has better chances of securing higher ranking.
SEO is not a one time affair
Once you are through with your page optimization, do not assume that your work has been done. Optimization is a process that requires regular research and updating. It incorporates hit and trial, research and re-researches. You must keep a timely check at your webpage and its rankings. Regular use of search engine algorithms, adjustment of key word strategy and the requisite optimization tactics can ensure a high traffic to your blog.
These are the chief mistakes, which disrupt the usual optimization process. You must restrain from committing the same if you want to build a high visitor-frequency to your blog.
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