Will Google Ever Stop Dominating Search?

Google stock is currently taking a hit after reaching an all-time high last month. Any number of factors could be contributors to this, but some think it’s directly related to people’s decreased dependence on finding information with Google.
Can Google keep its edge in search for the long term? Let us know what you think.
Forbes, for example, has a piece out today called “Four Reasons Google’s Stock Is Slowing Down“. The first two reasons listed in this article are directly related to this issue: 1. Losing search market share and 2. Shift to mobile search.”

Will You Miss Google Reader? Clearly, Many Will.

I was out on leave when the news came out: Google is killing Google Reader. No! Why? No!

Should Google kill Google Reader? Will you miss it? Let us know what you think or if you care in the comments.

So here I am back to work. Immediately, I've already been using Google Reader like all day. The truth is, I was already using it every day while I wasn't working as well. That's because it's one of the things on the Internet that I use the most. So, you can imagine, I'm not incredibly happy about the news. I mean, I don't agree with Hitler on many things, but I think he has this one spot on. 

A little over a month ago, Google Reader users were experiencing some usability issues with the product, and Google didn't seem to care much about fixing it quickly. Little did we know at the time that this was a foreshadowing of what was to come. 

Google Is Working On Making Your Actual Life Searchable
At least that's what a newly granted patent suggests

Last summer, we took a look at how Google plans to see through your eyes (literally). This has a lot to do with Google Glass, but that’s not the only piece of the puzzle.
Do you like the direction Google is going in? Is it getting too up close and personal, or is it taking the necessary steps to make users’ lives easier? Share your thoughts in the comments.
Google Glass will not only be pushing content in front of your eyeballs. It will be capturing the very things you see. This became clear when Google co-founder Sergey Brin shared a feature he was testing, which automatically takes pictures every ten seconds “without any distraction or disruption”.

Are These Google’s Ranking Signals For Google News?

Computerworld has a new report out about an old patent of Google’s that is drawing some attention. It looks at ways Google might be ranking content in Google News, which is not only helpful for all publications trying to gain eyeballs from the aggregator, but interesting in light of how Google is dealing with unhappy publishers around the world.
Does Google News do a good job of ranking content as it should be ranked? Does it favor certain publications too much? Tell us what you think.

Google PLAs Proving Way More Effective Than Text Ads

Say what you want about Google’s transition from the free-to-list Google Product Search to the paid inclusion model of Google Shopping, but the product listing ads (PLAs) that Google Shopping is based on are performing quite well.
Have you seen improved performance with PLAs? Let us know in the comments.
A new Kenshoo report about global online retail in 2012, covers search advertising trends around the world. The firm analyzed data of its own clients, which include advertisers and agencies, managing paid search programs for the retail vertical across Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, the U.S. and the U.K. They tracked impressions, clicks, conversions and revenue for over a year – from November 2011 to December 2012.

7 Small Business SEO Tips and Techniques
Every year SEO gets more complicated as Google rolls out updates and changes the rules. This is especially frustrating for small business owners who don't have the time or resources to stay current in, what they believe to be, an esoteric and confusing industry.
Here are seven small business SEO tips to help earn more business through traditional organic search rankings.

1. Onsite SEO is Necessary But Not Sufficient

Yes, optimizing title tags, site structure (keep it flat) and load-speed are important. Many experiments have shown these elements are in the Google algorithm.

Google Claims To Be “Very Resistant” To Negative SEO

Negative SEO has been a big topic in the search industry this year, particularly since the Penguin update and Google’s link warnings to webmasters. Many have wondered how easy it would be for their competitors to trick Google into making their sites look like parts of “bad neighborhoods’”.
Have you seen examples of Google allowing negative SEO to take place? Let us know.
For all Google has done to combat search spam, and talk about issues more openly with webmasters, concerns about negative SEO still linger.
It didn’t help much when Google changed the wording in its Webmaster Tools help center to make it seem more possible that this could happen.

Four Things To Forget In SEO 

But not everyone seems to grasp the fact that it's an ever-changing field of marketing. As search evolves so do the complex algorithms the search engines use to determine which sites are relevant to which search terms. 

Why the constant changes? 

That's mainly down to the less than white SEO 'experts' out there who find a technique to boost their website's rankings and exploit it. 

For example, as a result of websites with poor content that wasn't relevant, Google's Panda came along. Hot on its heels was the mighty Penguin to battle against keyword stuffers, cloaking, duplicate content and those participating in link schemes. 

Get Them To Dig In And See What You've Got


It can be a chore to drive traffic to your website. So, once you do gain a click through organic search, a referral or an ad, you need to you do what you can to keep them there long enough for them to dig in and see what you’ve got.

Below are a handful of tactics that can help visitors find what they are looking for, consume more content and enjoy a more engaged experience overall.

Should Google Use Link Disavow As A Ranking Signal
Last month, as you may know, Google introduced its Link Disavow tool, after dropping a hint that it would do so months prior. What we didn't know until this past week, however, is that there is a possibility that Google will use the data it gets from the tool as a ranking signal. 

Should data from the link disavow tool be used to rank sites in Google? Let us know what you think. 

First off, to be clear, Google is not currently getting any ranking signals from the tool. In the future, however, that may change. Danny Sullivan shared a Q&A with Matt Cutts in which he did not rule out the possibility. Sullivan asked him if "someone decides to disavow link from good sites a perhaps an attempt to send signals to Google these are bad," is Google mining this data to better understand what bad sites are?

People Are Increasingly Turning To Social Over Search

To be clear, people are still turning mostly to search for seeking the answers to their questions. However, the gap between search and social networks is narrowing.
Are you getting more traffic from social media than you were a year ago? How’s it looking compared to search? 
There are plenty of sites out there that are getting more traffic from social media sites than they are from search engines. In fact, Google’s constantly changing algorithm almost demands that sites diversify their traffic sources and rely less on Google (the clearly dominant search engine) for the bulk of their traffic.

SEO Budgets Grow, Google Tells You What To Avoid

Google has been making SEO more difficult for years, and perhaps that's why a new study from SEMPO, the world's largets search marketing-specific nonprofit trade organization, has found that SEO spending is still healthy, despite all of the freely available online information that has spread across the web over the past decade or so. 

Are you spending more or less on SEO than you were a year ago? 
Let us know in the comments

Now It’s Even Harder To Get First-Page Google Rankings
It seems like the chances for sites to get their content into organic Google search results is continuing to decrease. In a recent article, we looked at some of the recent changes Google has made to its algorithm, including things to make it better at natural language, give it a decreased dependence on keywords, and giving users more direct answers, and therefore not having to direct them to other sites as much.

3 Onsite SEO Touchups SEO is never done

"SEO is never done" is a phrase that is thrown around a lot, mostly because it's true! However, when most people talk about the continuation of a SEO campaign, they are usually referring to offsite link building. SEO is about more than developing inbound links! Without a well optimized link to send traffic to, all your hard work offsite is just going to waste. Don't let your onsite SEO go years before you revisit it. Here are 3 quick onsite SEO touchups you can do today to make sure your site is in top SEO shape:

Ten Surefire Marketing Tips That Will Improve Your Website  Conversions

Like millions of other people, I'm a huge NFL football fan (go Giants), and the one thing I've learned over the years is that on any given Sunday, the worst team in the league can beat the best team in the league. It happens all the time. Why? Because in sports, just like in business, there's a very thin line between success and failure - winníng and losing.

And the team that executes their game plan the best and makes the fewest mistakes will invariably win the game. That's not a theory - statistics bear that out. In sports, mistakes are the wild card - the great equalizer. You can have the greatest team and game plan in the world, but if you make mistakes and don't execute your game plan, it will be all for naught. You will lose. Mistakes prevent you from performing up to your potential and winníng the game.

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