5 Tips to Get a Page 1 Ranking on Google

Getting on the first page of Google is every Internet Marketers dream. Let’s face it, page one equals more visitors which could convert into more sales.
The good news is that you do not need a PhD in Search Engine Optimization to get on page one. All you need to do is follow these 5 simple tips.

Before we go on, these tips are in no way a guarantee. In fact, if you are competing against millions of others chances are you won’t make it but to give yourself a fighting chance, do the following:
1.Keyword phrase in the “title” tags.
Google loves title tags. With your keyword phrase in between these tags your chances skyrocket. If you look at results for any search on Google, the highlighted text is the title tag of the website.
2. Keyword phrase in [h1] tags at the top of the page. Most webpages that occupy the first page for any given search will have their keyword phrase in between the [h1] tags.
3. Image tags. If you have graphics on your site it is imperative to utilize the [alt] and [title] tags in your images. Put your keyword phrase in both these tags with a slight modification for each.
4. Keyword density. Regardless of how much text is on your page, mention your phrase or variations of it only 4-5 times. Do it naturally. It is important to keep the text flowing and appear natural.
5. A Sitemap. Google loves them. Even if your website is purely built for Adsense, include the sitemap. I have even included a privacy statement page on a few of mine to let Google know it is a genuine, legitimate site.

That is 5 basic SEO tips that have worked for me. Try on your site today and monitor the results. You might not be a page one king but watch your site climb the rankings as a result.

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