Google Android Market In-App Billing Launched

Google Inc. includes the ability for allowing developers to sell digital content within Android Market apps, posted in a company blog on Tuesday.
The in-app billing aims to offer Android developers a new alternative to earn more money, where they can sell a wide range of content, including virtual content like game levels or parts, and media files or photos, but the mode of payment is still the same.
Google will have a 30% share of in-app billing, similar to that of a standard app purchase.
Android SDK offers a sample app, demonstrating the operation to help developers integrate billing into their respective apps.

Considered as the weak point in the Android ecosystem, opening doors for competing stores like Amazon’s Appstore for Android, the Google has been improving the Android Market to make it more competitive, and enhance the experience for visitors, including upgrades on paid apps in more countries, the Market client, a browser-based version of the Market and the in-app billing.
Despite the developments, Google has a lot more work to do with Android Market, improving the buying experience for visitors, adding more methods for payment worldwide, and more.
However, Google promises to improve Market security after the company experienced an attack that forced them to remove malware remotely from some phones this month.

  1. Really great application I really loves android mobile.

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