Google Android App Developers Allowed to MakeMore Money

When talking about the Android Market or the Android app developer community, consumers would usually expect the availability of free apps in massive amounts, reducing the monetization of products, especially when free counterparts exist.
On Wednesday, Google announced that things would change as a new software development kit (SDK) designed for an in-app purchase is now available for Android app developers, a move that allows in-app payments possible for activating premium versions, downloading game levels, unlocking features, and using virtual currency on a particular app or game.
Eric Chu, an Android app developer, said on the Android Developers blog, “The In-app Billing service manages billing transactions between apps and users, providing a consistent purchasing experience with familiar forms of payment across all apps.”
“At the same time, it gives you full control over how your digital goods are purchased and tracked. You can let Android Market manage and track the purchases for you or you can integrate with your own back-end service to verify and track purchases in the way that’s best for your app,” Chu added.
A study from Flurry, a mobile analytics firm, shows that in-app purchases leads revenue sources for social gaming and networking apps.

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